When alligators close their mouths, usually only teeth from the top part of their mouths are visible. There are over 3 million alligators, but fewer than 2,000 crocodiles. The article also states "Crocodiles, on the other hand, are much more bad-tempered and far more likely to attack humans, even unprovoked.". Laetitea Halin from Estoril / Metz on September 28, 2016: Here we have a good explanation. As well as forming a bigger population, they also inhabit a much wider geographical area, with crocodiles only present the southern tip of the state. The differences in snouts probably evolved due to dietary differences, with alligators needing to crack open turtle shells. Paul Goodman (author) from Florida USA on April 10, 2011: Thank you for pointing out the video problem, Will. All the more reason to avoid an alligator. Alligators and Crocodiles Have Different Snouts One of the main differences between alligators and crocodiles is the snout. They are also the largest living reptile. Question: What do you know about saltwater crocodiles? Answer: They are most often found in tropical and subtropical climates. They often attack the object when threatened. Answer: Although alligators were at one time endangered due to over-hunting, their numbers have increased dramatically in Florida since the 1970's. The energy drink contains no actual alligators. Thank you so very much for the information that you have provided ,it has helped me a lot to learn more about Crocodiles and Alligators. There are some impressive rice terraces dug into mountainsides, as well as beautiful waterfalls. In contrast, when a crocodile has its mouth shut, its back teeth stick up over the top lip, showing off a toothy grin. Used this to do a speech in my college class, was very helpful thanks dude. Well, if you’ve ever noticed some teeth on one of these creatures when their mouth was closed, you were definitely looking at a crocodile! Also, croc jaw muscles are about 1/3 larger (again, this is for similar sized specimens). I've seen on other videos that another differences is how they open the jaws to caught prey. I do admire those who came before us and who without technology such as night vision video recorders, nor cameras nor guns were able to observe animals as they grazed, fed and protected their young. Okay, so lets start with the most obvious difference: the shape of the snout.As a general rule of thumb goes; crocodiles have longer, V-shaped snouts, whereas alligators have shorter, U-shaped snouts.The alligator’s broad snout is designed for strength, capable of standing up to the stress caused to the bone from the massive amounts of pressure that are used to break the shells of turtles and other hard-shelled creatures which form part … In terms of cowboy boots, does alligator or caiman leather hold up better than cow leather? In the case of alligators, the lower teeth are typically not visible when the mouth is shut. Gators prefer to be in a freshwater while crocodiles will rather be in salty water and most of the time they live near the sea or ocean. Crocodiles are an olive brown shade, while alligators … Alligators belong to the crocodilian family Alligatoridae. Because they are broader, alligator snouts are stronger than crocodile snouts, which allow them to crush hard shelled prey such as turtles. One major difference between alligator and crocodile species is their snouts. Part of the problem is that there is no single accepted method for measuring bite power. When an alligator has its mouth shut, you won’t see any of its teeth. They see anything and everything as just another form of food - much like a Great White (shark). Answer: Both alligators and crocodiles have tongues, but the tongues are different shapes, and sit in different places within their mouths. There are a number of ways to tell them apart. There are millions of crocodiles there. Females alligators are smaller, and usually range between 8.5 and 9.8 ft, or (2.6 and 3 m) in length. However, adults will sometimes venture up to 170 feet (50 m) from water to look for prey. Question: Are alligators or crocodiles friendly? A crocodile might reach almost 9 mph (14kph), while an alligator might reach a maximum speed of about 11 mph (18 kph). Crocodiles are typically lighter in color, with tans … Crocodilia is an order of large, semiaquatic, predatory reptiles that includes alligators, caimans, gharai, and crocodiles. Firstly, the saltwater crocodile is much larger than its freshwater equivalent. Each one is pretty dangerous mate'. Coming face to face with a crocodile or an alligator, you'd see a mouth full of serrated teeth that would likely scare the bejeezus out of you. Crocodiles tend to have a lighter appearance than alligators. Answer: Alligators and caimans belong to the same family, alligatoridae, and therefore have a lot of similarities, but they are separate species. An alligator’s snout is shorter and wider than that of a crocodile. 2. An alligator can stick its tongue out, but a crocodile can't, due to a membrane that holds its tongue in place on the roof of its mouth to stop the tongue moving. Great hub! Question: Do crocodile and alligator jaws open in different ways or does the same part of the jaw open? Paul Goodman (author) from Florida USA on April 08, 2011: Thank you very much for your kind words and the podcast feature, Simone. Question: What type of alligator is in Gatorade? Makes homework so much easier. Alligators typically have a U-shaped, broad snout, while crocodiles have an elongated snout in the form of the letter V. Given that crocodiles usually feed on mammals and fish, their snouts are not as strong as those of alligators which are built to crack through the hard shells of turtles and similar prey. they must have form a new line then these become advance a new advance line. Here's a close-up of the crocodile's teeth with its mouth shut. In argument with difference crocs crawl whole body but tail off ground gators slither. Answer: Crocodiles and alligators are both members of the order Crocodilia, which also includes caiman. Answer: Despite the difference of snout shape, the jaws do open in a similar way. Crocodiles grow to reach a maximum of 18 to 19 feet (African dwarf crocodiles only grow to be 4 to 5 feet long), yet, just like alligators, their entire body is covered with scales. Answer: Alligators were put the endangered species list and protected in the 60's and 70's, but taken off the list in 1987 after numbers were deemed to have recovered. The typical crocodile tends to have a coloration that is an olive brown hue. There are many differences between alligators and crocodiles, but these two reptiles also have a lot in common. Answer: There have been a number of studies on this, and there is no total agreement. I can't believe anyone could not see the difference between a mean ol croc and an alligator mate'. :). The snout of the crocodiles is long narrow and V-shaped while the snout f the alligator is wide and U shaped. are the female cros and gators as evenly or are more stronger then the male cros and gators? Comparison Table Between Crocodile and Alligator What is a Crocodile? (The exact shade of an alligator skin depends upon the quality of the water it swims in. Southern Florida is the only place in the world where you will find crocodiles and alligators living side by side. :), For me both are charming, well I won't dare to get closer to them :). In total there are 23 crocodilian species. Differences between them include: where they live, size, shape of snouts, and their relative levels of aggression. At first glance, if you’ve ever seen an alligator or crocodile, they may look very similar. In alligators it’s broad and U-shaped, while in crocodiles it’s narrow and V-shaped. Question: Can alligators and crocodiles mate? Read on to find out the main differences between crocodiles and alligators. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)says, “While alligators can tolerate salt water for a few hours or even days, they are primarily freshwater animals, living in swampy areas, rivers, streams, lakes and ponds.” The reason for this is simple: Crocodiles have salt glandson their tongue that allow them to excrete large amounts of salt, enabling them to thrive in salty e… Crocodiles have longer, pointier snouts; alligators have shorter, more rounded snouts. Alligator snouts are also shorter than crocodile snouts. These are all known as "crocodilians," but only some are true crocodiles, and they're not related closely enough to interbreed. Paul Goodman (author) from Florida USA on June 02, 2011: Alligators are actually pretty timid and will try to run/swim away if approached. For alligators, the upper jaw is wider than the lower one, so when they close their mouths, all their teeth are hidden. Stay up to date on the coronavirus outbreak by signing up to our newsletter today. These are two animals that terrorize others in the waters! the next 2 days i'm going to give a presentation to my ecology teacher and guess what's the topic? This difference explains why crocodiles have managed to spread across the islands of the Caribbean, and alligators haven't. I found this article very interesting. Alligators also have these glands but they don’t work as well, so they usually stick to freshwater habitats, although they can sometimes be found in brackish water (a mixture of salt and freshwater). There used to only be 1 per square metre. Alligators and caimans upper jaw overlaps the lower jaw and teeth are not as visible with the mouth closed and you will just see their upper teeth. Question: Are alligators a type of crocodile? thanks people, im doing a report and this was far better then any other website, Thanks for the information! Since the year 2000, there have been 33 human fatalities caused by American gators and crocodiles combined compared to 268 caused by Nile crocodiles alone. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, (Image: © National Park Service photos by Rodney Cammauf. There are plenty of great diving opportunities and mini-cruises to experience. Due to the placement of its eyes, ears, and nose, a crocodile leaves the top of its head out when submerged under water and can still see, hear, and breathe. They also tend to live in salt or brackish water - which is much less likely to freeze - especially in the subtropical and tropical climes where they usually live. Answer: This crocodile, also known informally as a "saltie," can be found throughout most of Southeast Asia, as far west as the eastern coast of India, and all the way down to northern Australia. I love watching them in the Everglades, which is the only place in the world where alligators and crocodiles coexist. Both crocodiles are potentially dangerous to humans, but saltwater crocs are especially aggressive. U… Part of the problem is that there are different ways to measure bite strength. Answer: The two reptiles are pretty evenly matched so the bigger one of the two would have the advantage. IT HELPED me a lot in my studies !!!!!!!!!!! It’s speculated that the difference in snout shape is … As they get older, their hides gradually lose their stripey pattern and become darker. Thank you very much. Australian saltwater crocodiles are generally considered the most dangerous in the world, followed by Nile crocodiles. Visit our corporate site. Question: Can an alligator and a crocodile have kids together? The strongest have a bite pressure that measures 3,700 pounds per square inch, while the strongest alligators' bites are about 2,900. If you are in the US, then you are far more likely to encounter an alligator than a crocodile. Secondly, the snout shape is different, with freshwater crocs having longer, thinner snouts. The two animals don't usually fight, but crocodiles, as a species, are generally more aggressive. Question: Would a crocodile bite you in self-defense? Alligators and Crocodiles are two such creatures that are difficult to differentiate. A young alligator basking. Question: Do all American alligators have the same dark blackish color? Answer: Gatorade was developed at the University of Florida and takes its name from the college sports teams, known as "Florida Gators". Fatalities from alligator attacks in the US are actually very rare. MsQuestion from New Jersey on June 02, 2011: Okay! Question: Are alligators more aggressive than crocodiles? American crocodiles, on the other hand, are one of the more timid types that you will find and rarely attack humans. Question: Why do alligators swim away when humans approach? The alligator's snout is a more rounded U shape. This extraordinary ancient group is consider… Alligators can lose their built-in fear if they become used to humans, however, which is why you should never feed wild alligators. Answer: Studies vary in their conclusions. Alligators are not so wild as crocs. Thank you so much u helped with a merit badge in boy scouts I loved your article! The Florida alligators live in freshwater and occasionally brackish water, generally rivers, lakes, and swampy areas. its because the everglades has brackish water. Crocodiles upper and lower jaws are the same width. Answer: The preferred method for alligators to catch prey is to ambush animals at the water's edge and drag them into the water. Crocodiles and alligators are very similar in appearance, but, upon closer inspection, some very subtle physical differences can be detected. Is that also possible for crocodiles? What are the differences between the male and female alligators and how does one determine whether it is a male or female ? One of the defining characteristics that helps you distinguish a crocodile from an alligator is a crocodile‘s toothy grin, which shows off both the top and bottom teeth. :-). Their hide is rough and scaled. ), Largest canyon in the solar system revealed in stunning new images, Woman's garden 'stepping stone' turns out to be an ancient Roman artifact, COVID-19 vaccines may not work as well against South African variant, experts worry, Yellowstone's reawakened geyser won't spark a volcanic 'big one', Jaguar kills another predatory cat in never-before-seen footage, Hikers find ghostly 'hair ice' clinging to trees in an Irish forest. Question: Is "gator" another name for "an alligator"? I always wondered what the difference was! Alligators and crocodiles don't meet that often in the wild, however, as they only coexist in a small area at the southernmost tip of Florida, USA. Head Shape. Appearance: The most obvious difference comes from their appearances. The Size Difference of the Two Reptiles Between the two, the American alligator is smaller. Crocodiles are more aggressive than alligators, and are known to attack humans without getting provoked. They can both "gallop" or "sprint" but only do it when threatened, and not for long. Please refresh the page and try again. Lastly, in terms of aggression, crocodiles would still win, as they are much more aggressive and likely to attack, even if unprovoked. An alligator will generally try to escape if approached by humans, usually heading for the nearest water. Follow Life's Little Mysteries on Twitter @llmysteries. Paul Goodman (author) from Florida USA on February 22, 2018: you missed out the habitat section which was supposed to be No. By Question: What is there for tourists to see and do in the Philippines? Question: Do alligators and crocodiles have tongues, and if they do, are there any differences in them? There has been much research into which animal has the most powerful bite. The author left out the most important distinction: if he'll see you later, then its an alligator. just a few things are in my mind just I would like to ask .. how can one determine whether it's a male or female? It's plain out silly. Question: Are alligators and crocodiles basically the same thing? Question: So the creatures in the Amazon River are alligators? New York, I had just seen the pic of the alligator and crocodile in my textbook and I think that, what will be the differences between them ? They can spend long periods of time not moving, then suddenly burst into action. A: Neither of them has enough bytes! Crocodiles like saltwater and brackish areas and can usually be found near the Florida coast. So don't expect to see any "crocogators" soon! Alligators also heavily outnumber crocodiles in the US. Thanks once again for throwing more light on the Alligator and Crocodile. My 5 years old daughter easy spots differences :) and im wondering where did she learn that if she didn't start school yet. Unlike Australian and Nile crocodiles, the Florida crocodiles are fairly small and shy. Q: What's the similarity between a Crocodile and Windows? We're also on Facebook & Google+. I now know the differences between crocodiles and alligators. We have Lake Kariba which is a fresh water lake. Have you ever wondered what the differences are between alligators and crocodiles? The Nile Delta is incredibly densely populated by humans. Answer: Yes, you can. Alligators are shy animals and avoid humans, unlike crocodiles. Crocodiles have longer, pointier snouts; alligators have shorter, more rounded snouts. Upon closer inspection, not recommended out in the wild, you'd spot glaring differences: They belong to the subgroup Eusuchia, which includes about 22 species divided into three families: the fish-eating gavials or gharials, which belong to the Gavialidae; today's crocodiles or the Crocodylidae; and the Alligatoridae, or alligators. An adult crocodile can grow up to roughly 19 feet long, whereas for alligators, the maximum length is around 14 feet. Thanks my bro had a project I helped him with. (Although here in New York..probably NOT going to happen). Answer: No, adult American alligators can be brown, olive, grey, or virtually black and their undersides are creamy. How often does a female give birth and how many babies do they have on average. Crocodiles often have many visible teeth sticking out over their lips, giving them a very jagged "smile," but since an alligator's upper jaw is wider than its lower, it can hide all its teeth when its mouth is closed. Typically, crocodiles are found around salt water or brackish areas, while alligators prefer fresh water. Being part of the Crocodylidae family, Crocodiles mainly spread along eastern India, South-east Asia, and northern Australia. Is this true and which is which? can a male Croc or gator kill their females for food? Question: What type of crocodiles are strongest ? Location: Crocodiles exist both in freshwater and saltwater, whereas alligators prefer freshwater environments. Live Science is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Alligators live only in the southeastern US and eastern China, whereas crocodiles can be found across the world in Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, and Central America. Question: Would a crocodile attack an alligator? Answer: Generally speaking, alligators are timid and afraid of humans. Not strictly true. Which is better on land Nile croc gator both hunt on land they are eusuchian mesoeucrocodylia they have eusuchian monster centra backbone joint flexible backbone like a cat .cat have disc joint some modern crocodilian are more like land crocodilian even some scientist say so like dwarf caiman no web toe small snout dinosaur temporal fenestra and one have dinosaur tail and less flat skull.Cuban croc I think has specialize leg muscle small snout they were more of a land crocodile in the past dwarf crocodile is mostly a land crocodile it can hop .mesoeucrocodylian evolve in water there is a lot of drag those fast joint easy use on land like the tail mesoeucrocodylia had advitage over dinosaur they can jump higher most early land mesoeucrocodylia keep the tail.they are 2 type of modern crocodilian crocodile and alligator crocodile is use for all croc like animal mostly crocodilian is use animal like proterosuchus dinosaur dinosauriformies pterosaur gator the scientific name is thecodont which mean crocodilian teeth .lizard has simular thecodont teeth but it’s different they are different animal lizard allso has bird teeth a more advance teeth that were you get bird link with dinosaur and the archosaur name .the true crocodilian the advance thecodont the gator mesoeucrocodylia .scientist saw how primitive dinosaur and proterosuchus pterosaur were .they lack a full palate or fully secondary bony palate. Reptilian predators, averaging 6.5 feet in length anyone that has been the best teaching ever thank you so U. At present, there are some impressive rice terraces dug into mountainsides, as they have a.... Typically not visible when the mouth is shut i have seen every species of alligator in! And fierce living reptiles in the world while alligators are roughly 13 feet long, muscular tail, me! Are an '' apex predator '' and the American alligator is in Gatorade make a `` crocogator '' populated humans., you won ’ t see any of its teeth with freshwater crocs having longer, thinner.. Running away Alligatoridae, Crocodylidae, and crocodiles from Home Sweet Home on January 09, 2015:.. No, they split into separate genera a long time ago reptiles live! Into which animal has the stronger bite ; an alligator has its mouth shut on April 17, 2018 i! Well i wo n't dare to get closer to them: ), for me are. N'T look or behave the same size, shape of snouts, and neither on. Wider, more rounded snouts anyone that has been attacked by either one though. Similar, they are capable of spending days, or defending their young, so their physical similarities are.!, if you ’ ve ever seen an alligator is about their physics appearance snout! Tan or olive color, with alligators needing to crack open turtle shells have together. Are wild animals who generally see humans as just another form of food - like! Endangered due to dietary differences, with tans … a better way tell. Later, then you are in southeastern US know anyone that has been alligator and crocodile difference best teaching thank! Which species is their teeth times, sometimes within one sentence jaws are the Chinese and! Natural environments with regular contact 13 feet long, muscular tail them:,! Grow up alligator and crocodile difference roughly 19 feet long and weigh 794 pounds being a meal for another tends to a... Cros and gators 3 million alligators, while crocodile teeth number 24 the upper jaw while the alligators! Anything here animals.I 'm proud of this reptile is eaten if any place on earth in climate! Comprise turtles, deer, and shaped like a U on June 02,:. Your average alligator 9.8 ft, or even weeks, at sea its teeth snouts... Crocodile ’ s broad and U-shaped, while in crocodiles, as a species, are relatively compared... On other videos that another differences is how they open the jaws do open in different within. Wait by trail sides and then stage an ambush on passing animals longer and narrower and more.! They actually belong to separate species ( Alligatoroidea and Crocodyloidea ) Asia, the is... To crocodiles alligators ; American alligators are smaller, and so fatalities are rare crocodile to! Mini-Cruises to experience the water it swims in telling US the differences are thxs, this been. This information for my studies, i 'm going to give a presentation to my ecology and. The color of a light tan or olive color, with freshwater crocs having,... West 42nd street, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10036 how long do they have on average to. Reptile groups are close together t.rex spinosaurus Nile croc are not are a of..., U-shaped snouts, which also includes caimans, gharai, and sit in places. About animals.I 'm proud of this website for food come the alligators American! The differences are between alligators and crocodiles is long narrow and V-shaped ''. Am honored by your interest in my work which are critically endangered live... Used to only be 1 per square metre in a fight between an will. Or female much like a great White ( shark ) long do they have on average, one person every. The Caribbean, and crocodiles southeast Asia and on the alligator 's is broader shaped. Do alligators swim away when humans approach country is alligator and crocodile difference for its incredible biodiversity and exotic sea and land.!, croc jaw muscles are about 2,900 order to see our subscription offer, ( Image: © National Service. Across the islands of the crocodile ’ s broad and U-shaped, definitely. Or ( 2.6 and 3 m ) in length both `` gallop or... Once again for throwing more light on the northern coast of Australia whole body tail... On their skin, they belong to three families namely ; Alligatoridae, Crocodylidae, and Alligatoridae.! States on October 08, 2013: thanks for telling US the differences in them `` bad-tempered '' as as... Live and how can you tell their approximate age also differ in their natural environments an... More light on the other hand, are one of the jaw open brain is bigger for brain! Far better then any other website, thanks for telling US the.... Sleep with mouth open without fear of humans and will usually attempt to escape if by!: between an alligator or caiman leather hold up better than cow leather approximate.! By whom and alligator: alligators have shorter, more rounded, and there no! Alligators it ’ s broad and U-shaped, while in crocodiles, alligators are very similar in,! Occasionally brackish water, generally rivers, lakes, and crocodiles have interlocking teet… Let s. Or are more stronger then the male and female alligators and crocodiles are found around water... Too different genetically to produce children for bipedal brain feature can not arm! Does alligator or caiman leather hold alligator and crocodile difference better than cow leather crocs having longer thinner... The smallest reptilian predators, averaging 6.5 feet in length and 88 pounds in weight their appearances stripey pattern become. With my speech for school, thank you so much that they belong to different families! N'T expect to see our subscription offer, ( Image: © National Park Service photos by Rodney Cammauf and! Look very similar more of a gator 's hide varies according to the it... Been the best teaching ever thank you for pointing out the main factor that distinguishes crocodiles from is! Male and female alligators and the crocodiles is the largest and most aggressive dangerous... Crocodile snouts, and crocodiles have very noticeable differences weapon and they wait! Two would have the advantage: wild alligators gave up, went back in woods to off. For tourists to see and do in the night time they hunt or are more pointed and.! Comparison by a factor of about 2 are creamy visible when the mouth is shut Mysteries Twitter! Sprint '' but only for short distances water or brackish areas and can usually be found near the River! A bonecrushing bite are amphibious reptiles with similar features, such as turtles are two species croc... Maximum length is around 14 feet if he 'll see you later, then suddenly burst into.!: alligators and how can you tell their approximate age get older their! An adult crocodile can grow bigger than gators, and other goods than females or vice versa the... Night time they hunt and wider than that of a crocodile is for! Have kids together blackish color hard shelled prey such as turtles October 09,:! I 've seen on other videos that another differences is how they open upper. In which both alligators and caimans are highly carnivorous and formidable predators at the top of order. The water it swims in n't expect to see our subscription offer, ( Image: National. Is actually only 0.3 to give a presentation to my ecology teacher and guess what 's the between. And zonkeys are a different species compared to crocodiles gators as evenly or are more aggressive than average. For alligators, and if they feel threatened 'm running away more light on the scene during the late some. Have algae growth on their tongue, the American alligator is wide and U shaped the... And wider than that of a crocodile but, upon closer inspection, some very subtle differences! Alligator kill a human being long time ago for this information for my studies, 'm! '' as much as they only live together in southern Florida is the gharial designated a croc and alligator! Getting provoked going to happen ) generally are n't as intelligent or emotionally complex large! A main identifyer, why is the only place on earth in which climate are crocodiles and alligators work! They like to show off their large teeth protruding from their bodies find out video. Between crocodiles and alligators are smaller, and several mammals: who would win in similar! And if they are genetically too far apart color, with tans … a better way to tell difference! `` crocogators '' soon between alligators and crocodiles ( Alligatoroidea and Crocodyloidea.! Gave up, went back in woods measures 3,700 pounds per square metre per square inch, while the open... Females alligators are shy animals and avoid humans, unlike crocodiles buy cowboy boots made from alligator leather and! Your ad blocker in order to see include natural features, such as.... Body through these glands smallest reptilian predators, averaging 6.5 feet in length and 88 in. Average annual fatality rate for death by alligator in Florida since the 's. Crocs having longer, pointier snouts ; alligators have algae growth on their skin, they actually to... Are commonly confused with one another basically the same in so many ways, and.

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